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i dont know about anyone else but id love to see more clips of girls farting outside and in public places in front of people or in shops and stuff.thats what i do sometimes if i get up early and i feel gassy i go for a walk i dont fart in front of males or good looking women,i wait till i find any old women or ugly women and as im walking past or even better walking alongside one of them ill strain my guts as hard as i can and let out a big loud long fart,then usually i look at the expression on their face and hope they are revolted by me.my best farting experience was one day i was on one of my walks when i went past an old second hand stuff shop with one old biddy working in there stood at the counter talking to two other old women so i went in and pretending to be browsing and as i lent down to pick something of the floor i squeezed my stomach as hard as i could and i let out a nice loud ripper which lasted a good few seconds and smelt bad as well,the 3 old women stopped talking but they didnt say anything to anything to me like calling me rude or anything as they probably assumed it was an accident and i was embarassed.so after pretending to browse for a few more minutes while waiting for another big fart to build up inside me i let them have it again, i walked up to the counter stood as close to them as i could this time i didnt bend down instead i poked my arse out a little and strained out as big a fart,which again lasted 3 to 4 seconds, as i could while looking each one in the eye,then i just said "aah that feels better" and with a happy relieved and proud look on my face i walked out of the shop without even buying anything. PUBLIC FARTING RULEZ
has any one else got any stories like that and would any one else like to see more public farting women clips ,if so do tell me here
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